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A Fresh Start

green juiceWell welcome to 2015 and welcome to my very first blog post. It seemed kind of appropriate to start here on the first day of a fresh shiny new year.

Now don’t let that photo fool you, this place is not all about green juices and nutrition, because there is so much more that goes into honouring your heart and soul. I did start off my morning this way because I knew that is what my body needed. And I think that is the heart of the matter, sometimes we just know what we need and I think its important to listen and follow that inner voice. After a little too much indulgence over the festive period and many late nights my body was screaming out for some pure nutrition so that is what it got!

I hope you can spend this first day of the year with the ones you love (plenty of family time here coming up) and honouring yourself by giving yourself exactly what you need – right now.

I hope you stay with me on this journey – of self discovery – of all things love, light, positivity and spirituality. I hope in some way I can help you to live with heart and soul.


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