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March 2015 archive

Change your story


water sunriseWhat is something you tell yourself that you would really like to change?  I know for me, it is that I am “not a morning person”.  I have always thought you were either a morning person or a night owl, and myself and my entire family all easily fit into the latter category.


When I hear the story of the person who has put a load of washing on, cooked their breakfast, exercised, meditated whatever it is before I have even woken up for the day I am impressed.  I wish that could be me.  Then that little voice pipes in and says “but you are not a morning person”.  Ok I think that will never be me.


My days seem so full lately that I cannot possibly fit everything in and these days in particular always see me wishing I had achieved more while the house was quiet.  Imagining if I only had an extra 20 minutes to squeeze out of my day.


And you know what – I do.


It’s in the morning.  When I would rather be in bed. 


I do always try to set my intention for the day as I first wake and spend a few moments planning out my day but this is always such a quick practice when what I would really like is a good solid 20 minutes of peacefully and calmly beginning my day.


So today I set the alarm 20 minutes earlier (it’s a start) and headed straight over to meditate and journal.  If in my day I get a chance to do it again for even longer that will be a bonus to my day.  But knowing I have taken that time to complete something so precious to me has really helped my morning and day to flow. I feel so much more centrered, so much calmer and ready to take on the day.


Oh and I stopped telling myself that I am not a morning person and just focused on what I wanted to achieve – time to myself before everyone else in the house is awake for the day. So I am trying my best to replace “I am not a morning person” with “I wake up in time to achieve what I need” and that makes me feel so much more in control.


I can’t promise every day this is going to work for me, but I am going to make it my intention every night that I wake a little earlier and start my day in the way that really feels right to me.


Do you tell yourself things that don’t serve you?  Maybe today you can take a few moments to think about those things and rephrase your story.  Or make up a whole different one that serves you better, inspires you to make changes for your greater good and helps to stop those self-defeating beliefs.


Tell me a bit about how you can change your story and have an amazing day today!



photo credit:  Griffin Keller via Unsplash

Keeping it Real

merry go round


I had this sweet blog post to share with you all today about how I am telling myself a different message to help me get more out of my day.


But today doesn’t feel like the day for that one.


Any of my friends would probably tell you some of the words to describe me are calm and patient.  I have 4 children – one a teenager, one girl who thinks she is a teenager and 2 boisterous noisy messy boys! There is never a dull moment in this house.  There is fighting, there is noise (boy is there noise) and there is mess.  There is also lots of laughs, games, fun and bucketful’s of love I might add. But through it all I am often asked how I remain so calm.


I would like to think it’s my meditation and mindful practices that come into play here but I know they are only something I recently truly adopted into my life.  I guess I have always been on the calmer side and am naturally more of a peace maker rather than a person that gets their back up easily.  I do enjoy being that calming influence in an otherwise hectic situation.


This morning though was one of those mornings where my patience and my inner calm were truly tested.  For starters I woke up tired and groggy and I am not normally one to hit the snooze button but in that instant when I thought about where I could cut corners in my morning that felt like a good idea.  So snooze button it was.   10 minutes later and I really needed to get up.  All of my children seem to be night owls and are not great in the morning so it is a real mission to get them out of bed.  (Side note here: any ideas for getting children out of bed easily – I am contemplating a water pistol next???).


Once everyone was awake my 8 year old son just had to pick on his little brother so it was a morning of boys fighting and rolling around the floor brawling.  It was a morning of a daughter who didn’t brush her hair last night after the shower so was practically in tears through the whole hair brushing saga.  This is the child who also seems to work in slow motion when it is getting ready for school time.  I felt pushed and pulled in all different directions as I tried to finish off lunches, referee the boys, keep everyone moving and try to get out the door on time.


It was one of those mornings.  Noisy. Chaotic.  Draining.  Real.


Oh and did I mention they made it to school 5 minutes AFTER the bell today.


Now I am at home to clean up the chaos of the morning and hopefully fit in some time to meditate and calm my mind.  It’s no surprise to me that hitting that snooze button this morning put me on the back foot from the start as I rushed through my morning and didn’t do the things I like to do to make sure I start my mornings right (setting intentions, being grateful – just simple and so quick to do).  Instead I started the day thinking and knowing I was behind schedule and my children probably picked up on my energy and the whole morning was pretty much a shambles.


So I am not calm ALL of the time and many days my children can and do really push my buttons.


My lesson today – no snooze button, have a mindful morning (no matter how rushed you are) and find a water pistol to get the kids out of bed quickly tomorrow!


I would love to know how your morning was today?  Is yours also a mixture of calm one minute and chaos the next?


photo credit:  Ilya via Unsplash

What message do you need to hear right now?

you are amazingSometimes we just need to hear a simple phrase, read an inspiring story or receive a piece of advice that you just needed to hear.


I think that is why I love Oracle and Tarot Cards so much.  They always seem to give me that little something I need to hear and are always perfect for where I am right then and there.


Before bed last night I picked up one of my decks, You are Clairvoyant by Belinda Grace. I simply asked the question ‘what do I need to know right now?’.  The card I received was ‘Wisdom’.


My first reaction was what does that mean ‘I am wise’ “I’m not wise” “Find someone who is wise”.  I knew that kind of questioning was getting me nowhere.  As I sat and closed my eyes, breathed and centred myself, the message came loud and clear “The answers are within you”.


You see starting this blog has really opened up some wounds I never even knew existed.  Instead of being ‘just Jenni’ or ‘just a mum’ I was putting myself out there into the big bold online world.  Somehow I started to think I had to know it all which in turn just plagues me with more self doubt than I ever have had in my whole life.


And don’t get me started on how self defeating comparing yourself to others can be!  When you get immersed in what everyone else is doing it can really start the seed of self -doubt and stifle your own creativity.


So back to my card – the Guide Book to the cards had the following points amongst it:


Natural Wisdom lies within you, you are a very wise person.  (well thank you).


Stop comparing yourself with others and imagining you are the only one who doesn’t have all of the answers (yep needed to hear that one!)


Stop wondering if people who have never stood in your shoes will approve of your choices and actions (I love this, I am sure many people like myself spend too much time wondering what others think of them).


And my favourite part from the book:

“When you are willing to meet the Universe half way, with your intention clear and strong, miracles big and small will begin to happen. The Universe will come to meet you face to face to help you be the wise one at the centre of your own creation”.     Belinda Grace


I believe that.  I don’t just want to be a mum, just a blogger I want to be so much more and I am stepping up and meeting the Universe half way.  I am ready for opportunities and the next step of my journey. I see this blog as one way I am calling out boldly I am ready.


Maybe one of the messages I received from the card was a message meant for you also?


If not maybe one of these is meant just for you today:

  • You are enough
  • You are exactly where you are meant to be right now
  • Keep moving in the direction of your dream, it is worth it
  • Don’t give up, keep dreaming, planning, doing and being.  The life of your dreams awaits you.
  •  You are so much stronger than you think you are
  • You are AWESOME!

Do you think one of these messages is right for you today?  If not what message do you think your heart may be trying to tell you?   Write it down and say it out loud until you start to believe it, you are enough and you are amazing!


Photo Credit:   one7thlifetime  via Depositphotos

Moments that matter

walkway unsplashThis morning I was greeted by my son running in and jumping into my bed and giving me a great big cuddle. Being that he is not the most affectionate child to begin with these simple acts have so much meaning to me.


As I got up and ready for the day ahead he stayed in my bed chatting to me the whole time.   His brother is 2 years younger than he is; they share a room, share common interests and are pretty much thick as thieves.  When he got up and couldn’t find his big brother he asked me where he was.  By this time I was in the kitchen preparing breakfast and told him he would find his brother in my room.  He went tearing through the house, screaming excitedly while he found his brother.  By the time I went in there they were laying in bed together, hugging and the joy on their faces was priceless!


What a great start to my day.


I was able to spend those few precious moments looking at these 2 amazing beings, full of love and joy and happiness and soak up that emotion.  My heart was filled with love and gratitude and the rush rush rush of the morning was replaced with incredible joy.


These are the moments that matter. These are the moments to treasure.


I am guilty lately of getting caught up in the busy.  The rush.  The never ending to do list and moving quickly from one activity to the next.  Sometimes I have to remind myself to eat lunch or take a quick breather as otherwise the days can be over in the blink of an eye. This morning I was reminded that small moments can have huge impact in our lives and if we are too busy we can miss what is staring us in the face.

I have always loved this quote and it seems so perfect for me today

Enjoy-the-little-things quote

I hope in your busy day you have taken the time to really cherish the beautiful moments that make up your life.  Next time you are immersed in that joyful and happy place I hope you can take a moment and say thank you.

I would love to know what little moments have made your heart sing today.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend – making memories, enjoying life and living with heart and soul.


Photo credit: Aleksandra Boguslawska via Unsplash

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